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Innovative Solutions for Health System Pharmacy

Pharmacy Ideas Computing, LLC provides innovative software solutions for difficult to manage processes within hospital, long term care, home infusion, and compounding pharmacies. For a free price quote, or to request an online demo, simply call us at: (317) 363-6279 or email our sales team at sales@pharmacyideas.com

Our Company's History

Pharmacy Ideas Computing, LLC is a privately owned limited liability S-Corp which first started developing software tools for health system pharmacy in 1999. The company's first application launch was RxConsult in 2000 which was used to manage pharmacy clinical consult workload and intervention documentation. The RxConsult© program was a great program, but had limited market demand and is no longer in use. RxInspection© and RxVerify© were first released in 2003 as Windows applications only, and quickly became very popular. In 2009 and 2010 the RxInspection© and RxVerify© applications were rewritten into web applications. It was in that year, 2010, when Pharmacy Ideas migrated their business model to a SaaS provider (software as a service). The RxTask© web application was released in 2012 and has proved to be a very popular addition to the company's suite of products. Starting in 2020, the majority of all pharmacy ideas applications were then rewritten from the ground up and modernized. The new version was then released in 2023 which offered support for single sign-on. RxFormulary© was also released in 2023 as a new product which is fully integrated with our other products. The company was founded in Greenwood, Indiana and is currently serving pharmacies and businesses all over the world.